Just Add Water!

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Web Design
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Water faucet with running water.I just put up a couple of links in my sidebar menu.  I really enjoy both of these sites and wanted to share them.  The first is  A List Apart, it is a site that is very informative about all things Web Design/Development.  I like the way it is laid out it makes me feel as if I am reading an old-time news paper.  I just like the feel of it. I don’t want to rush through it I think the colors are soothing, it just appeals to me besides having great information.

The second site I put up is Lynda.com,  it is a well-known online training company.  I discovered Lynda about 5 months ago and have learned all I can.  The courses are well done and they do a good job at getting your feet wet for further study that you may want to do in that subject.  I spend most of my time in the web design section but there are other sections on business and photography as well.  For the most part the courses are up to date, however, there are some that I feel need to be re-worked, like the one I used for  my WordPress site.  It was for an older version of what is now available and though there were not to many differences, I found I needed/wanted,  the new changes explained and discussed.

I hope you find these sites useful and as enjoyable as I have.


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