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I’m actually a little behind as school started the week before last week.  I was so busy I didn’t have time for much else.  I am taking Advanced Scripting Techniques and I have the great fortune to have Matthew Leach as my professor.  He is an excellent instructor and has written several ebooks on the subject.  The book I have is called Code for Flash Designers and it is wonderful.   It covers many of the subjects that I am learning in class now.  They reworked the assignments between web 220 and web 240 so I am getting some of the same projects over but that is ok because Professor Leach is teaching me much more information than I learned from my last instructor.  During week 1 we were to put up some of our web 220 assignments for review and now looking back at the first two projects I have really made some improvements.  I have a slight advantage as I have seen these assignments before but it has been a learning experience none the less.  I just learned how to animate a layer mask to show content instead of animating the content it looks impressive and better.  I have also learned a bit of action scripting code.  What is really wonderful is that I was able to correct all my mistakes myself.  I would email the professor my problem but before he had time to answer I had already fixed my problem.  I did this about three times when all was said and done.  If you would like to see my projects you can click here and then click on the button that says Transitions.  I would love to hear from you and what you think.  Eventually all the buttons will have a project behind them but for now Transitions is the only one as that is where we are now in class.  It is nice for a change to actually be done early so that I can do more research and study at I am so happy to be back in class and learning.  Having an instructor like Matthew Leach is a real treat he is by far one of the best instructors I’ve had at IADT. He really challenges me to do my best and makes me think.  When I have a problem and email him a question he doesn’t just give me the answer, he will give me a clue or hint but I have to figure it out.  He has more faith in me than I do myself and that is wonderful.  I strongly recommend that if you are interested in learning Action Scripting 3.0 to pick up one of  the professors books.  If you click on the book title I have listed it links to his website where you can learn more.