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Best Practices Web Revision

As you know keywords are very important to SEO and the placement of keywords is just as important. You can put keywords anywhere you can put text in the website, however, there are specific locations that crawlers look for these keywords. You also have to be careful not to overuse keywords as to “stuff” the website as this will penalize your site as well. So where do we start?

First off  start with changing the URL you need to keep it concise.  Focusing on the brand name will work but if you can add a keyword to it all the better. That just gives  your URL more searchable words.  Something like This gives the company name and if someone searches sports gear we get a hit on that as well.

The page title tag is important to get right, it is what the search engine shows the user for the clickable link that will take them to the website.  It is important to have keywords here because the search engine crawler looks here to try to decide just what this page is about. You want the right key words here as each page has a title page.

Lets address our anchor text. This is what we use to describe a hyperlink on the website. Here we need to use keywords and not the company name. Anchor text like “low-cost sports gear” when linked will tell the search engine that this page is about low-cost sports gear. This anchor text is a more searchable term and will improve traffic to the site.

Headings H1-H6 have an important role in SEO. Headings simply help the crawlers understand what the pages are about. This is a perfect time to place some useful keywords. Be advised, however, that you must change the content in each header on each page or the crawler will think you are trying to “stuff” your site with keywords. On average websites have about 6 header tags.

Something that is easy to do is to make sure all of your images have alt tags.  Alt tags show the image in words this is done for users that are blind or disabled and use screen readers. This is your  opportunity to add keywords to the alt tags and make them descriptive, more keywords means more hits.

Meta tags were once thought of as being very important in SEO, it has now however, been determined to have little or no bearing what so ever. Meta tags are mainly a way for the search engines to find your website. It is still a best practice to fill this information out in full detail as it gives users information about the website.

I have mentioned a couple of times in my article about “stuffing” and overuse of keywords. There is a best practice for keywords and each area has a specific determinations about how much is too much. Many experts have different opinions on the subject so we will want to research this topic in detail when the time is right.

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